Jamar's Story

Scroll down to read the story of how Little Light transformed a young boy's life.

Last summer Jamar came to Little Light to enroll. He got upset when Ms. Robin looked at his report card. He said, “I have “F’s” in reading, but that’s ‘cause that other school wasn’t teachin’ me nothin’.” Well, that was true.

But one reason they couldn’t teach him anything was because he was completely out of control. Sometimes he even got under the teacher’s desk and refused to come out!

When his teacher gave him a placement test he got embarrassed again. “I told you I couldn’t read!” he said.

“Well, then let’s make a deal,” Ms. Robin said. “You promise to try your best this year, and we promise to teach you to read.” He promised and they shook on it.

In June Jamar got his reading scores. On the Slossen reading test his score was fourth grade fifth month. And you should have seen his smile!

Ms. Robin asked him if he remembered their deal.

He shook his head yes.

“What was it?” she asked.

“I promised to try my best, and you promised to teach me to read.”

Without the gifts of kind people like you, little Jamar would still be sitting under the teacher’s desk. Now we need your help again. Because without your help we will have to send Jamar or others like him away.