Thanks to Dr. Otto for sponsoring Marley the therapy dog!

Marley the Little Light therapy dog performs many important functions. He brings furry love to the school on his weekly visits. The children love to read to him, as he is a non judgemental audience.

Marley’s Story

Marley was a twice-rescued dog. He has a tattoo in his groin area that signifies that he was once a ward of the Oklahoma City Humane Society dog pound. Some folks rescued him from there. Those people ended up in trouble for dog hoarding, and they called the Service Dog Training Center in Piedmont, OK. They told Ann at the training center that they were getting ready to be closed down, and they had a dog that would make a wonderful service animal. Jeri from the Training Center went and paid Marley’s bill to get him out of the dog hoarder’s care right before the city shut them down. He was a scared and skinny puppy.

Ann and Jeri worked with Marley for a year and a half building up his health and training him to be a licensed therapy dog. In August of 2012, right before we opened Little Light Christian School, Ms. Robin was praying for a therapy dog for the students. When Marley was ready to leave the Service Dog Training Center, Ann put an add on Craigslist offering Marley as a gift to the right candidate. Little Light School won the competition for the best place for Marley to serve. He lives with Ms. Robin and Mr. E.J. when he is not serving at the school.