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Little Light volunteers help classroom teachers, work in the library, go to recess with our kids, serve as reading and math buddies and so much more. We also have special event volunteers, and special day volunteers who help with gardening or field trips.

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Volunteer Training

Little Light Volunteers, Which we call Torch Bearers, receive initial training on an annual basis. This training encompasses Little Light policies and procedures and an overview of working with children with incarcerated parents. We give training in crisis prevention. We will provide interim training as needed for new volunteers.

Training is conducted by Ms. Robin Khoury, Principal and Founder of Little Light Christian School and Dr. R.J. Bratcher, Vice Principal and Lead Teacher of Little Light Christian School.

Robin's Bio
R.J.'s Bio

If you would like someone to contact you about volunteering at little light please fill out this form:

Shine Tour

Shine Tours are the best way to find out about Little Light Christian School. We usually have them on Thursdays.

We are hosting some information tours on Thursdays. These are called Shine Tours. They last for one hour, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. We give a small tour of the school, you get to meet the children, and hear stories about what we do at Little Light. This is a new way for us to share with the community what we are doing. Please call 475-0585 and book your place today if you haven’t attended yet!

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