Robin Khoury, Founder and Director

Savannah Wehling, Office Manager

Sherri Drwenski, Academic Advisor

Todd Smith, Executive Assistant

Diane Dubose, After School Program Director

Susan Fowler, Early Elementary Lead Teacher

Myrion Doakes, Early Elementary Teacher

Kim Manous, Preschool Teacher

Joel Moore, Physical Education Instructor

Myra Moaning, Spelling and Geography Teacher

Ms. Natasha Hawkins, Preschool Teacher

Elizabeth Magbee Art Teacher

Linda Magbee Art Assistant


Leonard Doakes, Bus Driver  Education: B.S. Vocal Music

Marley, Therapy Dog

Little Light Ministries Inc. Board of Directors

Mark Craig, PE

Ron Kennemer

Clark Curry

Shawn Priddy

Maggie Green

Sherri Drwenski

Kris Murray

Robin Khoury, ex officio

Little Light Ministries Inc. Advisory Board Members

Dr. Susan F. Sharp

Carolyn Churchill

Little Light Ministries Inc.Heritage Committee

Dr. Herman Reece

Justin Jones, Chair

Joy Glenn

Cheryl Wilkinson