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Our Mission

We do this by intervening early with college prep academics, individual attention, prayer, and love.

To Break the Cycle of Generational Incarceration for Our Students

A Little Of Our Story

In 1990, Robin Khoury Was Praying At Her Kitchen Table

She got an impression from God that someday she would have a school for kids that came from lower income areas. Nothing happened for 18 years, except for some random thoughts and journal entries. In the meantime, Robin was homeschooling her sons and volunteering with kids at her church. When her boys went off to college Robin switched from working with children to prisoners. She helped provide church services at the Federal Transfer Center and mentored women at Mabel Basset Maximum Security Prison. Then one day, she went to a Summit on Women’s Incarceration.

A Little Of Our Story

In her own words:

I was listening to the speakers, and someone started talking about the problems that children with incarcerated mothers have: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, and behavior problems. And then I heard God whisper, “These are the kids for your school. These are the kids I’ve been talking about.” The whole thing came full circle at that moment. I incorporated Little Light Ministries the next day. It took us 3 years to open the school. We opened in the fall of 2012 with 6 students. Today we have 34 students on a 9.5-acre campus in Northeast Oklahoma City.

Little Light By The Numbers


3rd-8th grade students met or exceeded their projected reading and math goals in 2017-18 school year.


Student meals provided per year


Traveled transporting students every year.

Early intervention and small classes help Little Light kids succeed

Training Leaders of Tomorrow

Since 2012, we have provided a free, private education for the most vulnerable children in our community.

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