Little Light Christian School

About Us

At Little Light Christian School

We help Kids of Incarcerated Parents by:

  • Giving them hope
  • Providing a safe place, food, transportation, school supplies and clothes
  • Giving them access to a private Christian school education at no cost to their families

Who We Are

Many children with incarcerated parents become depressed and struggle in school. They often have behavior issues with caregivers and teachers. Some of these children develop post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders. Children also bear a load of shame because they are teased and bullied when others find out their parent is incarcerated.

Little Light Christian School is a tuition-free private Christian school for children who have a parent who is now in jail or prison or has a history of incarceration. We are supported by donations from the private and business community and grants from foundations.

Let’s Look At The Numbers

Little Light is totally tuition-free and supported by individuals in our community and grants. We do not receive government funds.


Little Light provides 1,710 hours of instruction per student per year.


We charge our students and their families $0 per month.


This year Little Light will feed our students 10,800 hot meals and 3,600 snacks.


We will drive approximately 13,500 miles to pick children up and take them home.


We bought 35 winter coats, 35 hoodies, 35 pairs of shoes 35 uniform sets and 35 backpacks. This costs approximately $3,500.00.


Little Light impacted 1, 592 family members though family food boxes during the Covid-19 outbreak and backpack buddies supplied by the OKC Foodbank throughout the year.