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Little Light Christian School


Volunteer Opportunities

Here at Little Light we call our Volunteers “Buddies.” Our Buddies help with Reading, Play, Art, in the Classroom, as Van Monitors, during Lunch Time, as Organizers, Office Helpers, and much more! We have Volunteer Training’s scheduled throughout the school year. Please check out our Calendar for Volunteer Training Dates.

Ways You Can Volunteer

Play & Read Buddy

Play and Read Buddies stay for a 30-minute session once a week. Volunteers may have one or two buddies depending on how long he or she can stay. The play and read buddy builds a relationship with one or more students once a week. During this time the volunteer connects with his or her assigned student in the play and read area.

Music Buddy

Music Buddies help students practice their instrument in a designated area. Music buddies can also play musical games with students or even just listen to music. There may be spaces to assist the music or choir programs as well.

Art Buddy

If you enjoy art and would like to connect with kids through an art or craft experience, you can be an Art Buddy in an art class.

Lunch Buddy

Lunch Buddies are needed to eat lunch with groups of students weekly. Our students look forward to building relationships with their assigned volunteer!

Classroom Buddy

Classroom Buddies are needed to help in classrooms assisting teachers and students.

Organizing Buddy

Organizing Buddies help us organize our rooms and supplies in various areas around the school.

Office Buddy

Office Buddies work at the front desk and answer the phone. They may help with office tasks.

Bus Buddy

Bus Buddies are needed to ride the afternoon bus with our students. This is weekly from 3:00 to 4:45. Choose a day Monday through Friday.

Library Buddy

Library Buddies may do any of the following:
Read aloud to a class, assist the students with selecting their books to check out, and re-shelf returned library books.

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